Are you seriously telling me …

This is a comment posted to the video titled ABC News Deviously Hides Jews from the Public! 

Are you seriously telling me you can’t understand the crystal clear point of this video which is that ABC was suppressing the fact that these wonderful Jewish activists are dedicating their time to protest an injustice? You don’t understand that I am saying it is wrong to undermine these activists’ efforts and that I think they are being suppressed because they are Jewish? I think they are being treated unfairly by ABC news and the public is being treated unfairly by ABC news for being deprived of knowing these wonderful protests. So how do you take any of that and twist it into “hate speech?” You take a video which blasts the media for treating a group of Jews unfairly and misrepresent it as if it is “hate”? And I assume you don’t mean hating ABC news which would be the only thing that would make sense. The context is you wonder if I am Jewish and then are puzzled because after watching THIS video you came away with an idea in your head that it is hate speech against Jews?! I ask people to click to hear more or the speeches of the two Rabbis I feature, isn’t the context crystal clear that I LIKE what these guys have to say? Isn’t that clear why I think it so important to point out how their message is being suppressed by the media? I really have to wonder how calculated your question is because I find it very hard to believe it is being asked sincerely. And isn’t that a sad way to go through life? Not being honest when exposed to examples of people being treated unfairly? Also, after addressing your question, I should say something about the second sentence you wrote and I address the rest. The first two sentences are basically assuming I am Jewish, that is what you were I assume you were trying to communicate but what you wrote “a Hebrew” strikes me as odd if you are sincerly asking or assuming I am Jewish because saying “a Hebrew” is not considered proper and if you look at some definitions you can see they say “old-fashioned and sometimes offensive term for Jew.” and “(archaic (or offensive) a Jew” Yes there are some definitions that say just things like  “b. A descendant of this people; a Jew.” and others that don’t explain how the word use is considered so maybe you don’t know how it is considered? I don’t know. But it adds to how your comment sounds ignorant.

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