one of the oddest accounts

This is a comment posted to the video titled News FAIL: ‪Ferguson‬ ‪Grand Jury Decision‬ Omissions by Media 

What does your question mean? Witness #40 was exposed during the grand jury testimony and we know that because the transcripts were made public
As I point out in my video “SEVERAL Michael Brown Witnesses Admitted They Lied about Shooting!” so what is your point? Witness #40 was asked pointed questions and exposed as a liar in front of the grand jury so this is not some after the fact revelation as some people are trying to make it seem. I read where “prosecutors revealed she posted a racist comment online” and that “when questioned about what she allegedly saw, she admitted to having gathered some details from news reports.” Where did you get the idea that this info was not made available to the grand jury?  I see how she was aggressively questioned in front of the grand jury

Q: Okay. So you were not telling the truth

A: Okay. I’m sorry.

Q: You either were telling the truth or you weren’t?

A: I guess not, no.

Q Okay.

A: It was not set out to be an intent lie.

Q: Do you consider yourself a racist?
…. and it goes on so it is DISHONEST of Sharpton and others to act like the grand jury relied on this particular witness.
read more, they make her look bad in front of the grand jury. She was made to look like a racist, mentally ill person with memory problems in front of the grand jury so people acting like the grand jury wasn’t aware of what I can rad in the transcripts are misleading people.

as far as the workers in the CNN video, it is interesting that they cropped that video so as to edit out the man advancing toward them who the guy was gesturing to.  CNN had shown a cropped version of the AP video which shows the worker making that gesture to a guy coming toward him as if to say “we are on your side” Also note that those two workers fled the scene because THEY said they feared the crowd. And even one of those workers admitted that Brown’s actions could have been ““OK, I’m going to get you, you’re already shooting me.” (I don’t know which worker said that but you should know the guy in the pink shirt who makes the gesture to the man walking towards him ( ) Plus, there is something wrong with the worker’s (the one wearing the pink shirt) testimony: ” A landscape worker who lives in Jefferson County gave grand jurors one of the oddest accounts of the moments leading up to Brown’s death. The man had appeared in widely broadcast video in which he is wearing a pink shirt and gesturing to police that Brown’s hands were up. … He said three officers were chasing Brown, but only one of them was shooting.” (no one else says that and all the evidence is only Officer Wilson was there so how good is this witness?!)

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