Who are you relying on for your info? Because that is simply incorrect.

LINKED COMMENT to Witness to Michael Brown shooting: “dude kept coming towards the police”

Who are you relying on for your info? Because that is simply incorrect. As reported (although not reported to the degree and prominence it should have been) there were as far as I read the news, 7-8 witnesses who gave accounts consistent with Wilson’s account. You think it is just a fluke that 7-8 blacks gave testimony consistent with what officer Wilson said? First of all, witness 10 did NOT “dramatically change his story.” He said the distance he was from the shooting MAYBE was 100 yards OR MAYBE LESS. Saying “MAYBE 100 yards” “maybe LESS” is NOT the same thing as saying “it was 100 yards.” And did he guess higher in his second guess or lower as he already had said it very well could have been? Lawrence O’Donnell trying WAY TOO HARD to scrap something together.

The way I understood the sidewalk thing is he was saying HE was on the sidewalk of the same street they were on. But even if he saw them in the sidewalk, what is the relevance because this was before they encountered Wilson? He doesn’t say that they encountered Wilson when they were on the sidewalk. He was only saying when he first saw them, he never said that Wilson stopped them when they were on the sidewalk. After he first saw them he said “they both walked passed me. I took my tools, went into … I came back outside to get some more stuff and I looked down the street and I seen the police car at a slant and I seen Mr. Brown in the window of the police car looked. . . it appeared as they were wrestling through the window and one gunshot had let off.” So even if they were not in the street at the moment he FIRST saw them it is logical that they could walk into the street while witness 10 was getting his tools BUT as I said, I think he was trying to say the street they were walking down was the street with the same sidewalk he was on. AND he is talking about closer to West Florissant walking down Canfield Dr. Look at the street, it does curve so people could easily be at one memento on the sidewalk and then crossing into the store to walk the shortest distance, But like I said, what is the relevance since he is not saying they were on the sidewalk when they interacted with Wilson so, like I said, Lawrence O’Donnell trying WAY TOO HARD to scrap something together.

And a very important point is witness 10 was NOT the only witness corroborating Wilson. Here are two other examples:
Witness #48: “the dude turned back around and started charging towards the police officer, the police officer told him to stop at least three times. … And the boy wouldn’t stop” http://representativepress.blogspot.com/2014/11/witness-48-of-michael-brown-shooting.html
And another witness:  https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1371077-grand-jury-volume-11.html#document/p181
A: When I heard the gunshots and saw him firing his weapon,he was, Michael had stopped, he had stopped. He threw his hands up and then he put his hands down, Michael turned around and then he started running, he kind of shuffled back and forth a little bit like he was confused or something. And then he started running towards my car, he started running back towards us.
The officer had ran, he was running after him. He had stopped, I heard him say get down about two or three times and he kind of veered off to the side a little bit, but he still was aiming his gun at the guy, at Michael. And he after, he held his gun out at him, he was aiming the gun at him, he was telling him to get down. And like I said, Michael was shuffling back and forth like he was confused and then he started running and that’s when I started hearing him shoot.
Q: While he was running toward the officer?
A: Kind of towards the officer. I couldn’t be sure if he was running exactly towards the officer or just trying to run past him.
Q: But he was running in the officer’s direction?
A: He was running pretty much our direction. The officer was pretty much between us and Michael.
Q: And the officer was saying stop or get down?
A: Get down.
The very fact that there are witnesses who are giving the same account as Wilson gave should be evidence that this is what happened because where would they even get the idea about the sequence of events which matches the audio and blood evidence plus what Wilson said?
I really would like to know the source of your misinformation. Please tell us.
BTW, I started archiving my YouTube comments here: https://representativepress.wordpress.com/

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