why don’t you quote specific things?

This is a comment posted to the video titled Why Chief Callan Ordered Firemen Down to the Lobby on 9/11 

why don’t you quote specific things you think best prove what you claim? What you are arguing makes no sense at all. My very first video should have put this to rest. What you have bought into is just a misdirection from the fact that the attack was mainly motivated by the anger people like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Osama bin Laden had about US support of Israel’s crimes. Listen how illogical it is what you are claiming, why in the world would the USA, UK, Israel pretend that someone said the following: “after the injustice was so much and we saw transgressions and the coalition between Americans and the Israelis against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, it occurred to my mind that we deal with the towers. And these special events that directly and personally affected me go back to 1982 and what happened when America gave permission for Israel to invade Lebanon. And as I was looking at those towers that were destroyed in Lebanon, it occurred to me that we have to punish the transgressor with the same — and that we had to destroy the towers in America so that they taste what we tasted, and they stop killing our women and children.” Do you see  how the theory you have swallowed makes no sense? Why in the world would secret agents be writing claims which are calling Bush a liar like this?: “the Mujahideen saw the black gang of thugs in the White House hiding the Truth, and their stupid and foolish leader, who is elected and supported by his people, denying reality and proclaiming that we (the Mujahideen) were striking them because we were jealous of them (the Americans), whereas the reality is that we are striking them because of their evil and injustice in the whole of the Islamic World, especially in Iraq and Palestine and their occupation of the Land of the Two Holy Sanctuaries.” -Osama Bin Laden , February 14 , 2003 Who would be and WHY in the world would they be making videos calling Bush a liar?  Do you see how illogical the claim you have been manipulated into swallowing really is when we look at all the evidence and context?  As far as deviously being willing to allow an attack of some sort to happen so as to have a pretext for wars in the Middle East, have you read about this?: “An intelligence official and a member of the Bush administration both told me in interviews that the neoconservative leaders who had recently assumed power at the Pentagon were warning the White House that the C.I.A. had been fooled; according to this theory,  Bin Laden was merely pretending to be planning an attack to distract the administration from Saddam Hussein, whom the neoconservatives saw as a greater threat. ” http://representativepress.blogspot.com/2012/12/neoconservative-deviousness-put-us-at.html Do you see how what the above says actually fits with a new Pearl Harbor idea? Conspiring to allow an attack to happen actually fits with what some people claim about the real Pearl Harbor. Do you see that point? Didn’t you ever hear about what conspiracists say about Pearl Harbor? With regard to the real Pearl Harbor attack, I  never heard people go to convoluted and illogical lengths which some “9/11 Truth” people go to with claims of “inside job.”  Think about what I am saying, the Pearl Harbor reference in PNAC actually fits WAY more logically, rationally and practically if we compare it to what some people claim about Pearl Harbor, that being of allowing to happen. So the neoconservatives mentioned in the above linked article way have done exactly what conspiracists claim was done with the real Pearl Harbor. Do you see how that would account for all the evidence including all the many statements from the perpetrators about how they were motivated by anger at U.S. support for Israel’s crimes.  Think about how that fits so much more. Think about what you cited from the PNAC document and think about applying it in the literal way that Pearl Harbor conspiracists say Pearl Harbor happened. Do you see what I am saying? The BS people like Jones peddles only serves the Zionist agenda of suppressing the fact that U.S .support of Israel’s crimes is getting America attacked by people who are anger about that support and attack in an effort to end that support.  Devious people have worked to keep the American people from understanding that supporting Israel’s crimes is getting Americans killed. You have been fed a misdirection which serves that purpose. The same agenda is also served by people like Thomas Friedman who deny there were specific demands: http://representativepress.blogspot.com/2014/04/i-expose-thomas-friedman.html  You really don’t understand how convoluted your theory is? Crashing the planes into the towers was the terrorist act. It is so unbelievably retarded to think anyone wouldn’t think that action wasn’t a dramatic terrorist act and made the point. No one would have thought that wasn’t something that had to be addressed, Bush was ALREADY making an issue of the attack when it was “only” planes crashing into the towers (yes BEFORE they collapsed.) What they hell would be the point of “making the towers collapse” which supposedly “wouldn’t collapse?” You really think “secret agents” would think it would make sense to rig the buildings in order to “fake” a fire-induced collapse about an hour later? As if the planes crashing into the towers was enough?!??? The buildings collapsed because the structures failed due to the fires. The big time truthers have stated that fire-induced collapses would have signs, well they did the problem is the “truthers” have suppressed the fact that there were signs of fire induced collapse.  The very thing that Griffin points to as a feature of a fire caused collapse we can see in photos of the World Trade Center. Griffin writes, “in fire-induced collapses—if we had any examples of such—the onset would be gradual. Horizontal beams and trusses would begin to sag; vertical columns, if subjected to strong forces, would begin to bend. But as videos of the towers show, there were no signs of bending or sagging, even on the floors just above the damage caused by the impact of the planes.” But contrary to what Griffin claims, there were indeed signs of bending or sagging. Witnesses reported it and photos document it. Griffin is simply wrong. WE CAN SEE THE EFFECTS IF THE FIRE as they took their toll on the structures! WE CAN SEE the load bearing columns getting progressively worse as time went on. That is what I tried to explain in the very first video I uploaded to YouTube which should have put an end to your ignorant BS several years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGAoRrBoPRM&list=PLfrlsC1yJ2dSIYYEW5LRZx-m25GW9xAps The very same area that we can see in a photo here: http://toolateforregrets.tripod.com/WTCTWO921.jpg then you can see that the bowing has progressed in a photo here: http://toolateforregrets.tripod.com/WTCTWO953.jpg Then you can see that very same bowed in area where it reaches the point of total failure in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQmaGCxHxj8 We can see the early stages of the bowing in the two pictures linked above and then we can see how that bowed in area reaches the point of total failure in the video linked above.  Right from the start this evidence was being suppressed, as I said in the very first video I uploaded to Youtube, “truthers” were banning me from “truther” forums: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGAoRrBoPRM&list=PLfrlsC1yJ2dSIYYEW5LRZx-m25GW9xAps WHO is writing all the many mentions of Israel when they repeatedly say if thye are doing it in response to US support of Israel if what you think about 9/11 is true? You think US government agents are fabricating statements which are calling Bush a liar about the motive for 9/11? For what possible purpose? Many Americans still think Israel is wonderful and the last thing Zionists would want me to do is to continue to explain how horrible Israel is. You are rationalizing your position with ridiculous claims. I very much doubt you have given it much thought because if you had you might realize that suppressing the main motive for the attack is exactly what people like Alex Jones, Dan Rather, Thomas Friedman and others want. You really need to understand that the people spreading the misleading info which you have latched onto have refused to even discuss their theories. If you take the time to really look at their claims you might see they aren’t true and don’t make sense. Are you telling me you can’t be reasoned with? WHAT specifically is the “Israeli  responsibility for 911” you are talking about? Apparently you can’t see that Israel’s brutality has resulted in some people attacking the US because the US aids and abets ISrael’s crimes. If you don’t understand that then that is EXACTLY what Zionists want.

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