Why not help my efforts?

This is a comment posted to the video titled SEVERAL Michael Brown Witnesses Admitted They Lied about Shooting! 

thanks. that’s a nice comment in response to a video by someone trying to improve things. Why not post it on a video that supports the wrongs instead of a video trying to put an end to the wrongs? The powerful dominate basically all countries and yes American has a big problem with domination of powerful interests at the expense of the American people and others around the world. Why not help my efforts here to expose how mass media is perpetrating wrongs with poor reporting and helping to enable the wrongs? Why not help my efforts to call for a tangible solution to correct the problem of domination by powerful elites? https://www.youtube.com/user/RepresentativePress/about let’s work together to get these messages out in front of millions of Americans so we can end this madness. Please use the Youtube tools to share this and other videos. Please embed the video on a blog, (create a blog if you don’t have one already) and tweet it and post it on facebook. We have some degree of freedom, let’s use it to the max.

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