A car is a vehicle. A dog is a mammal.

LINKED COMMENT on Big Media Pays this Torture Supporter to Spout Her Opinions on TV

 I thought my previous comments were clear. (for ex. https://representativepress.wordpress.com/2014/12/24/it-is-not-a-contradiction-to-say-democratic-republic and this comment: https://representativepress.wordpress.com/2014/12/24/definition-of-democracy ) Let me explain it this way: a “Constitutional republic” is one of the  forms of democracy so it is incorrect to say a “Constitutional republic” isn’t a democracy.  The U.S.  isn’t the same as every other other form of democracy, so for example it isn’t a direct vote on everything type of democracy but it is a democracy. I thought explaining that it doesn’t make sense to argue that a car is not a vehicle . Just as it doesn’t make sense to insist that a dog is not a mammal. Do you understand?

It just does to show how the elites despise the common man that they thought it necessary to try to trick the public into being against democracy or tricking them into thinking the U.S. isn’t a democracy. I am try to help you see an example of elite propaganda. Once you understand this point it could help you to understand what they are up to.

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