and we can never build a building or a bridge because it will just fall down

LINKED COMMENT on Big Media Pays this Torture Supporter to Spout Her Opinions on TV

Right, and we can never build a building or a bridge because it will just fall down. Look, we can govern ourselves and improve the system for it. It is rich and powerful propaganda that we could never create a working gov. institution that serves a public purpose. Powerful interests will of course try to control anything, that’s why you design this to take that into account and guard against it. The bottom line is there is already a “gov. institution” of a news media, it’s called “Voice of America.”

Did you read the text of the About page I feature in this video? I talk about retrofitting it. Does it make sense to leave it with the current structure it has? You don’t think a system of control could be instituted to achieve a better news outlet that is under public review and control?

 Come on, don’t fall for the rich and powerful’s propaganda and fear tactics. Do you think we Americans who have been using things such as public libraries are somehow at risk of finding ourselves in a gulag? If can put our minds to making a public institution to serves our needs, rich and powerful elites clearly have an agenda to try to sabotage those efforts or confuse and derail efforts before they even get rolling.

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