It is not a contradiction to say “democratic republic.”

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It is not a contradiction to say “democratic republic.” What you are doing is arguing “it’s not a vehicle, it’s a car” when someone refers to their car as their vehicle. Elites have pushed this “not a democracy BS” (they really hate democracy.) The point is look up the definitions of these words, it is simply incorrect to argue that this isn’t a democracy. It is a specific form of democracy, not all democracies are the same.
Here is a good post on it:
“This is in response to people who want to assert that the United States is not a democracy but a republic. “Democracy” and “Republic” are not mutually exclusive terms. We are a representative democracy and a republic.  A republic means that we are not a monarchy.

Definition of “Republic”: A state in which the sovereign power resides in the whole body of the people, and is exercised by representatives elected by them; a commonwealth. Cf. Democracy; a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them; a form of government whose head of state is not a monarch; “the head of state in a republic is usually a president” .

The whole meme that we are not a democracy but a republic is based on a distortion and diminution of the concept of democracy into a single, abstract form of it: a direct and pure democracy. Yes, we do not have THAT form of democracy. We don’t go to the polls to make every single governmental decision.”

Think about manipulative elites are that they felt it necessary to push the “we are not a democracy” meme into the public discourse!

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