Win? Win the war? Elites are already robbing us of what we are entitled!

LINKED COMMENT on Big Media Pays this Torture Supporter to Spout Her Opinions on TV

Win? Win the war? If the powers that be are violating our rights to have our democratic republic then we have already lost. The powerful in this country are robbing us of what we are entitled: a nation of laws! And the violate our rights and our dignity when they use lies to hide their illegal and immoral actions. You skip past all of that and most importantly, we wouldn’t even have to worry about “winning” or even fighting this war if the elites who control this country restricted themselves to only actions that are legal and moral. Why do you turn a blind eye to that?!

You comment as if you have blinders on. How can it be an “open society” is the elites are lying and successfully fooling a large number of the people? Your attitude is to blindly excuse the agenda of the elites and spread comments basically endorsing what the elites have done to us. Post unethical thought experiments which deviate from the central issues which should focus on. We would even have this problem if the media served the public and allowed us our democratic right to rule ourselves, to have the nation of laws we are entitled to. You are making excuses for ruthless devious thieves.

Before skipping right to “getting info from terrorists” wouldn’t it make sense to focus on removing their motivation for attacking us in the first place? How is it you miss that?

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