No reforms going on? Yes, thanks to actions in large part perpetrated by U.S officials.

LINKED COMMENT to Chomsky explains who U.S. leaders work for and what they have done.

No reforms going on? Yes, thanks to actions in large part perpetrated by U.S officials. I just posted a comment that explained how U.S. elite greed sabotaged the reforms and led to the backward decline in Afghanistan! The media feeds the public propaganda as girls going to school in Afghanistan was somehow a US goal when the reality is U.S. foreign policy sabotaged the Afghanistan government program of social progress which included girls going to school.

So I just finished explaining that it was due to U.S. actions that Afghanistan was “setback” (to quote classified U.S. State Department Report)! This is what I am talking about as far as naive and stubbornly so that even when I lay out the evidence in front of you you slip back to the BS narrative of “U.S. as savior” when the reality is when you look at the course of U.S. foreign policy it has been one of sabotage because the polices are directed by greedy unethical U.S. elites.

So I’ll try to explain it again. Afghanistan WAS making may social and economic improvements but U.S. policy makers sabotaged those reforms when they helped overthrow the reformist government of Afghanistan. And that overthrow was done because corrupt U.S. elites wanted to push “U.S. larger interests” by  “showing the rest of the world” that the socialist reforms wouldn’t work.

Do you now start to see how much human misery U.S. elites are guilty of? The U.S. State Department knew they were screwing over Afghans, they knew they were “setting them back” but U.S. elites have a greedy economic agenda and they act like the mafia and play really dirty. Do you see now? Read the quote and link I posted in the previous comment to you.

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