Think about what the real Pearl Harbor was,

LINKED COMMENT to Thanks for the enlightenment buddy. You got a new subscriber. The truth has to be told.

Think about what the real Pearl Harbor was, it was Japanese pilots attacking (it wasn’t “faked”) and even the conspiracy theories about Pearl Harbor don’t claim any more than allowing it to happen. Why can’t you consider that devious neocons were willing to let AN attack (not saying if they knew specifically what it would be or not) but by arguing the intel waring of an attack should be ignored, what do you think that was doing? Please see:

And where did you get that about the 1993 attack? I see no proof of such a claim. I so see this, “The transcripts do not make clear the extent to which Federal authorities knew that there was a plan to bomb the World Trade Center, merely that they knew that a bombing of some sort was being discussed. ”
It looks like the FBI was trying to spy on them. It is possible that there was at one point a proposal to try to get a guy to “secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives” but nothing I have read says anything close to what you wrote.

“Spying on” doesn’t mean, and is not the same as, “aiding and abetting” and that goes for not only 1993 but for “mossad jews around 9-11”

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